Help us to help a good cause

Perhaps you know of someone in the Philippines that has set up a small project to assist their local community. You might even run one of these projects yourself.

Hidden Philippines would love to hear from you. It’s why we set up this blog and the more projects we can feature, the more traffic we will attract. Everyone benefits.

Our aim is to help raise awareness in the broader public of all the unsung heroes out there that battle on despite being underfunded and overworked. We feature a link at the end of each post to enable those that wish to donate to do exactly that.

We use PayPal exclusively and unlike other sites we don’t take a single peso from the donations. These go straight to the relevant projects PayPal account. Hidden Philippines is privately funded and maintained by the Masaya Project.  Every donation, no matter how small can make a massive difference to the life of a child or disadvantaged person and often makes the difference between a project shutting down or keeping it’s doors open.

Unlike registered charities these micro projects do not have access to funding and grants so they are very much dependant on the generosity of others. That’s where you, our valued reader, come in.

Unfortunately we can only accommodate projects based in the Philippines.

You can even to choose to help by simply clicking the reblog option below and spreading the message. 


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