Help us renovate a Children’s Shelter.

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In the heart of Binalonan lies a tiny little village of rice farmers. The community is poor, living just above the poverty line. Some do better than others and help where they can, but limited resources restrict what they can do as a community. 

An elderly couple recently donated a house to the Barrio (community) and through negotiation with the Barrio captain and council the Masaya Project have established a community run program for housing, feeding and educating disadvantaged children using the house as a Rescue centre.

The property is in serious disrepair and will need considerable work to make it habitable, safe and secure for the children. Local tradesmen and labourers have agreed to volunteer their time and labour, leaving only the cost of materials. 

We have budgeted in the region of $4000(US) for the initial phase of restoration of the site and a further $12000 to complete the project over a period of a year. The Masaya Project is now actively soliciting donations and seeking local fundraising opportunities to assist the centre. 

Rhenelyn Servitillo, a local resident and the prospective head of the Rescue centre, in conjunction with other residents, has already raised $520 through local fundraising drives. 

We are now seeking to raise the balance from foreign donars and private individuals. The project is time sensitive as the rainy season is on our doorstep and will effectively halt any work on the project for another three months. 

You can make a donation directly to the PayPal account shown below or alternatively you can visit the online fundraiser created for the project by following the link at the bottom of the article. 

If you can’t assist financially but would still like to help then please reblog this article or perhaps you are writer and would like to contribute to the projects eBook . Any donation is welcome, no matter how small and will make a difference in a child’s life. 

Donation Account

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Please email us once you’ve made your donation and Hidden Philippines will keep you updated on the progress of this project. 

To donate through our online fundraising site please visit GoGetFunding

With thanks and gratitude from The Masaya Project team. 

An Important Message

The Masaya Project will never request or solicit funding or donations for itself. We are a privately funded body. All the fundraising we do is directly on behalf of and for the account of the relevant project managers, centres or community groups.


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