Calling Short Story Authors, submissions now open.

Can you spin a really decent yarn in under 2000 words? Fancy winning one of ten $50 prizes, paid to each of the ten selected stories for inclusion in an eBook.

Submissions have just opened for our latest charity project in Binalonan in the Philippines.

A donation of $10 paid directly via PayPal to the Children’s Rescue we are raising funds for will entitle you to submit your short story to us.

It’s a win all the way round, you’re helping vulnerable children, standing a chance of winning fifty smackers and getting your name up in lights.

The categories we are requesting for this submission round include horror, suspense, science fiction, mystery, murder and crime related stories.

The ten chosen authors will have their details published in the ebook and also qualify for royalties from sales, although we’d love it if you let these extra few pennies go directly to the children.

Submission are unfortunately limited to a 100. Time restraints and staff numbers (read underpaid volunteers) prevent us from taking in any more..

To see our full submission guidelines follow the link below. Best of luck.

Write for Charity Submission Guidelines


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