One of our primary goals on the Hidden Philippines is to raise awareness for the micro projects we feature. The majority of these projects are driven by a single individual with a vision, a small group of supporters and usually very little money.

Your donation, no matter how small can make a really meaningful difference to the success or failure of these projects.

We only work through PayPal as this allows donors from across the Globe to contribute and fees are kept low. You will find the PayPal details for each project at the end of their feature post.

An important note.
We do not operate any accounts for the Hidden Philippines or collect money on behalf of any project. All your donations are made directly to the project you choose. We are privately funded and do not accept donations.

All credit and debit cards can be used through PayPal. Even a $10 donation can feed  a child for two weeks with the current exchange rates.

Thank you for your generosity.