Submission Guidelines

First of all thank you. By choosing to submit your story here you are making a tangible difference in the lives of young disadvantaged children across the Philippines. 

The following guidelines are applicable to the project shown below.

Binalonan Children’s Rescue Centre.

Categories for Submissions.

1. Suspense
2. Horror
3. Murder/Crime/Mystery
4. Science Fiction/focus on the dark side.


  1. Submissions may not exceed 2000 words.
  2. We only accept Word compatible  documents emailed to us as attachments. Any other format will simply be deleted. We don’t have the hands on deck to start sending emails back and forth. 
  3. Do not submit any materials that fall outside of the categories listed above. Wait for the next project to be listed as categories change depending on the theme.
  4. Keep it clean. We are looking for clever plot driven short stories, not vampires fornicating.
  5. We don’t mind if your story is already on your blog. We prefer original fresh unpublished material but won’t penalise submissions available online. The story should however not have been published elsewhere.  
  6. No poetry is accepted for this round. We love reading your poems but it’s not what we are looking for in this instance. 
  7. Submissions are limited to 100 entries per round.  Check this page for a bold red header saying Entries now closed before you submit. We’d love to take in 200 but just don’t have the time at the moment to cope with the additional reading. Sorry.
  8. Additional entries may be solicited if we are unable to find ten publishable stories from amongst the current submissions. 
  9. We may request editing from individual authors. This means we love your piece, but feel it may need a little tweaking. It should not be seen as a guarantee of inclusion.
  10. The ten winners will be notified via email and winning authors will be paid via PayPal. Please don’t request cheques or wire transfers. Ain’t happening.
  11. Winners will be announced and paid within a month of the red notice going up on this page. 

So how do I get my story to you?

We only accept emailed submissions and you need to follow this simple process to submit your story to us. 

  1. Please find the details below this for making payment to the Paypal account for the current project.
  2. Make your $10 donation via PayPal to the account shown. Wait for your confirmation email from Paypal verifying the transaction.
  3. Forward this Paypal email to us at with your story attached.
  4. Ensure you include your name, contact details and the category of your submission before you click send.
  5. Go and have a cup of coffee. You’re done.

Binalonan Rescue Centre.

Account type: Paypal
Recipient email:

What happens if my story is selected?

We will email you to let you know. We will also request a brief bio and yes, you can include your photo, website and related links which we are happy to include at the end of your piece.

What if my piece doesn’t make it?

We will send you a brief email letting you know. We cannot enter into an analysis of your piece or reasons why it didn’t make the cut. Sorry.

Can I submit more than one entry?

By all means. You will need to donate an additional $10 per entry for each submission you send us.